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Free to Choose: The Milton Friedman DeCal

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Spring 2010
Economics 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Amidst a bad recession, many are questioning their faith in the free market. Federal and state governments have reacted by proposing further regulations and vast increases in government spending.  It may be time to revisit the ideas of Milton Friedman, his stance on freedom and the merits of a free enterprise system. This course centers around Milton Friedman’s timeless book Free to Choose.  It will explore his ideas on the power of the market and the danger of government intervention, as illuminated by basic principles of economics. A portion of the class will feature video clips of the late economist to complement specific passages from the book. We will also examine the relationship of Friedman’s ideas to current events. Students from all majors are welcome and encouraged to take this course.

The main assignment will be a short essay or presentation on the positive and negative effects of a government program or regulation. Before each class, a rotating selection of students will email the facilitators questions and concerns based on the reading.  Class discussion will be Socratic, with criticism as a necessary and welcome component. Class meets every week for two hours and attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed to miss up to three sessions and still pass the course.

How to Enroll:

Students will submit a short application on the first da including a brief statement regarding their interest in the course. We will try to accommodate as many students as possible. If the class fills up, we will try to achieve diversity of majors and gauge students' interest in the course.

Course Contact: joshweil AT chdeist AT

Faculty Sponsor: Konstantin Magin

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Section 3.141579Charlie Deist
Josh Weil
252 EvansM 6p-8p2/01started

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