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Introduction to Organic Gardening

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Spring 2010
ESPM 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Thank you for attending our info meeting.  We have received more interest than we can accomodate.  In particular be aware that all sections are vastly overenrolled except Monday 12-2. Please contact lschlaffer AT  We will do our best to accomodate all interested students but we may not have room for all.  If you can make those sections please contact the leaders at the addresses posted below.  Alternatives would include pursuing an internship in a local garden or ag organization or coming to learn during our Sunday open hours. Preference will be given based on seniority, expererience and desire to get involved in the garden.

The course will officially begin when the rains start to subside, the third week of February, though there will be activities offered prior to that.  Organic Gardening will cover all the fundamentals from Soil Structure and Composition to worldwide movements in urban-agriculture in 10 weeks. We will have 2 hours of class each week with the first half-hour devoted to a planned lesson and class discussion and the remainder spent in lab working the soil.  Students are permitted one unexcused absence, though they can also attend another section as makeup if they contact the facilitators of that group in advance and receive permission to drop in.  Students will additionally be required to volunteer for 10 hours in a local community garden that will introduce you to alternative practices.  Section faciliators may ask students to complete one complementary exercise for homework.   A reader will be available in both online and print formats.

How to Enroll:

First come first served.  Students will have to contact facilitators after our info meeting on the 1st of Feb in order to be manually added.  Here are our remaining available section times.  Please email the section coordinator directly:

M 12-2    lschlaffer AT

Course Contact: berkeleysoga10 AT

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Ignacio Chapela

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