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Folk Music

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Spring 2010
ESPM 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Folk Music decal will be about learning folk songs--Pete Seeger to Odetta to Joan Baez--and singing them in a fun, informal way.  The purpose of the course is to sing in a no-pressure environment--the act of singing is cathartic in itself.  Every week the couse will cover a new genre or era of folk music, examples include protest music, rounds (think row row row your boat but better), the blues, folk revivals, the roots of folk music and more, as well as the historical and social context for that music and its implications.  Music and social movements will be explored.

Every week class will begin with singing, followed by a film or discussion about the topic for the week.  Assignments will include researching songs to bring to class and practicing those songs learned in class.  Also, the final product of the course will be to create a class zine that includes music, biographies, and histories throughout the semester, complete with lyrics and our very own liner notes.  Every class participant will contribute to the zine.

People of all ages, persuasions, and music ability are encouraged to enroll or stop by!  Guitar players are especially encouraged, but no musical experience whatsoever is required. 

How to Enroll:

All are welcome, especially the enthusiastic.  Just bring your self, and maybe a song or two you would like to teach the class or a song you've heard that you want the group to learn.


Course will be held Thursdays at 4pm starting January 28, room # TBA.  CCNs will be given out on the first day of class.

Feel free to email Anna ( with questions!  Sorry, we don't have a room or CCNs yet but they'll be posted on the site ASAP.

Course Contact: aostow AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Jeffrey Romm

Time & Location:

The Folk Music DecalAnna Ostow
25132 Mulford HallTh 4p-5:30p1/28started

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