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Global Citizenship & Activism in the 21st Century

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Spring 2010
Geography 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

In an era of social, economic, political and environmental interconnectedness, there is a serious need for global awareness and activism. The premise of this DeCal is to not only educate about various aspects of our current global situation, but to also teach the tools and techniques of effective global activism. We hope that through a series of guest speakers and workshops, students will learn to not only think globally, but act locally to address the major issues of our time. In conjunction with Students for Global Citizenship, a student think tank on campus, the students in the DeCal will research specific issues and construct action proposals to address their issue of focus. 

Course Goals:

It is the hope of the facilitators that by the end of the semester, students will have a better understanding of the intricacies of our global situation, a clearer conception of what it means to be a global citizen and to think globally. Additionally, we hope to provide a medium through which student activists can join other organizations and movements promoting global awareness surrounding specific areas of focus, and understand their opportunities to become globally active citizens; as well as the tools to go out and do clear, concrete research that furthers understandings about any number of issues.

How to Enroll:

Enrollment in the course requires attendance on the first day of class which is Monday, February 1st in Wheeler 200. We will be handing out CCNs that day.

The syllabus attached is preliminary; there may be changes before the first class.

Course Contact: emilyalter AT lublutina AT

Faculty Sponsor: Gillian Hart

Time & Location:

Section 1Emily Alter
Christina Monzer
30200 WheelerM 6p-8p2/01started

Uploaded Files:

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