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Maganda Magazine: Expression & Representation through Publication

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Spring 2010

2 Unit(s)



About the Course:


“I think it’s vital to de-professionalize the public debate on matters that vitally affect the lives of ordinary people. It’s time to snatch our futures back from the “experts.” Time to ask, in ordinary language, the public question and to demand, in ordinary language, the public answer… What is happening to the world lies, at the moment, just outside the realm of common human understanding. It is the writers, the poets, the artists, the singers, the filmmakers who can make the connections, who can find ways of bringing it into the realm of common understanding. Who can translate cash-flow charts and scintillating boardroom speeches into real stories about real people with real lives.” 

Arundhati Roy, Power Politics 

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Units: 2

Class Day and Time: Tuesdays 6-8 PM

Location: 211 Wheeler

Faculty Sponsor: Greg Choy

Student Facilitators: Christine Yang

Office Hours: by appt. only 

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Course Description:

Members of Maganda Magazine, a student-run Filipino and Filipino-American literary arts publication on campus, will facilitate this decal. This course will strive to further define Maganda’s role as a student publication in engaging dynamic dialogue on issues pertinent to the Filipino and Filipino-American culture. It seeks to explore the medium of publication as a historically and contemporarily significant means of community representation and cultural expression, as well as an important space to initiate discourse and dialogue on issues affecting communities today. Additionally, the course will attempt to foster students’ creativity through ongoing discussions and emphasis on the visual arts, as well as by heavily implementing a hands-on approach to collegiate publishing. By the end of the semester, students will have obtained general experience in the visual as a form of expression and activism, and will have contributed several hours in various aspects of publishing—from fundraising to layout and/or editing. 

Course Objectives:

Know history of Maganda and utilize publication as a means of dialogue and a catalyst for positive community change and activism. Revive/inspire/encourage creative expression in our community and publish students/artists/poets/community members’ work in Maganda. Gain valuable experience in layout design, publishing, writing, and familiarity with outlets for artistic production.


Instruction: Class instruction will include short, informal lectures by class facilitators. Class facilitators will engage discussions based on the week’s assignments and facilitate learning and knowledge of design layout and literary/arts submissions in Maganda.  Group activities or necessary workshops for layout, design, or editing will also be facilitated.  

Course Requirements:

1.     Attendance: Students are required to attend ALL classes. A maximum of 2 unexcused absences are permitted but MUST BE MADE UP by contacting facilitators to make plans to catch up. More than 3 absences will result in a 1 grade deduction. Absences are deemed excused only if one of the facilitators is notified at least 24 hours in advance or in the case of emergencies or severe illness.

2.     Class participation: Students are expected to contribute to class discussions, have assignments completed on the day they are due including postings on the online forum, and to actively engage themselves in the production process. 

3.     Committee: At the end of the course, students will be expected to help in at least one of the following committees: reception planning, CD, or staff articles.

4.     Grading Policy: This class is only offered on a P/NP basis. The following grading policy includes:

      Layouts       50%

            Forum Post and other assignments: 20% 


      Forum Art Prompt: Share something that inspires you/is beautiful/powerful; respond in multimedia forms (e.g. guerilla art, photograph, painting, poem, etc.) on the shared decal blog; Contribute to the forum issue discussions

            Attendance/In-Class Participation   15%

            Course Evaluation       10%

            Committee Participation      5%



How to Enroll:

Please come to the first day of class, FEB 2ND, for more information about class and to aquire the CCN.

The class enrollment is run by a first-come first served basis.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email!

Course Contact: cyt.yang AT


Faculty Sponsor: Greg Choy

Time & Location:

Section 1Christy Yang
30211 WheelerTu 6p-8p2/02started

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