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Spin Your World: exploring civic engagement and Research in the Public Interest at UC

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Spring 2007
Education 98/198
1-3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Welcome! This class may change your life. The theme is “question everything” and the content is in your hands. This decal gives motivated students an opportunity to address pressing issues, many of which manifest on our campus, in a proactive academic research setting. We are focusing on CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and RESEARCH IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST for the spring semester.

Students involved in research (pure OR applied) or community activism are encouraged to enroll!

Students will choose to work individually or in groups (groups are cooler), focusing on a specific issue or campus project that they will research in depth. By the end of the semester we will produce a Spin Your World Report: Spring, 2007, the combined efforts of the projects and proposals the individuals and groups in class come up with. The vast majority of work will be done individually and in groups outside of class. The one hour a week will be a chance during the first few weeks of the semester to get to know your groups and the other people in the class, and go over some of the readings once the groups have been decided. After week 4 of the semester, we will have guest speakers and visitors each week, along with time for group work and check-ins.

The more units you enroll in for this decal, the more time you are expected to commit to background reading, on-campus interviews, being creative :), etc.

Questions we will tackle include:

– where is the funding coming from for various scientific research projects? Which ones are benefitting our campus community?

– if we have faculty on our campus who are world experts in economics and poverty, why does our city have such a high homeless population?

– What are the pros/cons of pure versus applied science?

– Why and how is the UC managing two nuclear weapons labs?

Stay tuned for more info. If you have suggestions, feel free to email me :) I’m writing my thesis on this topic so I’m uber interested and excited to be learning and teaching from one another!

How to Enroll:

E-mail telling me why you want to take this decal and what your interests are. This page will be updated over the next couple weeks (as will the website, which is quite barren on this topic right now… that’ll change!).

CCNs will be distributed on the first day of class.

Thank you for checking out this course! If you have any feedback please don’t be shy; email me.

Course Contact: decal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Kala

Time & Location:

Club AwesomeJulia Gitis
15602b BarrowsF 1-21/25started

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