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Female Sexuality

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Spring 2010
Integrative Biology 98/198
3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

In its 16th year at UC Berkeley, this course is a safe space for women to learn about their bodies, explore their sexuality, and expand their understanding of diversity.  Topics in class are designed to raise consciousness about: anatomy and physiology, the influence of social hierarchy on female sexuality, women's health, body image, contraception and STI's, motherhood and reproductive choices, sex, sex work, communication and relationships, violence against women, women's empowerment, and more.

How to Enroll:

We're sorry, but it is now too late to apply for FemSex this semester. Hope to hear from you next semester!

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Time & Location:

section 120TBATuTh 6p-8p1/26started
section 220TBAMW 7p-9p1/25started
section 320TBATuTh 5p-7p1/26started
section 420TBATuTh 7p-9p1/26started

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