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The CalTV DeCal

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Spring 2010
Engineering 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Course Description

CalTV is UC Berkeley’s Online TV Station. This course offers hands-on experience with all facets of media production, and gives students a chance to analyze the creative, technical, and ethical aspects of the media industry. In addition to gaining a general understanding of the media field, students will choose a particular department to specialize in: Comedy, Cinematography, Post Production, Entertainment, Journalism, Business/Advertising/Marketing, and Sports.


What do you need to do?

Be There

Every CalTV member is required to attend all general and department meetings. If an absence is unavoidable, Yaou, Adam, or your department director must be notified at least one day beforehand.

Work Hard

Every member will also be required to fulfill their weekly departmental responsibilities which vary among departments but may include: editing, updating marketing outlets, conducting interviews, filming, writing scripts, assisting your teammates, and producing packages.


How are you graded?

In addition to a weekly departmental peer review, every student’s work will be reviewed by the department directors. Every member’s work is also subject to review by CalTV core. Dedicated effort and proper completion of their responsibilities will earn students a passing grade.


 What will you learn?    

Students will learn how seemingly different aspects of TV production come together to create a final product to be presented to a limitless audience. They will leave with technical knowledge as well as the insight needed to work in the collaborative & competitive environment of the media industry.



How to Enroll:

How do you join?


Monday January 25 & Thursday January 28

6-7 PM 2nd Floor Eshleman Hall (ASUS Senate Lounge)

Or fill out an application online at

(link to application in upper right corner)

Because this DeCal can be very popular and the number and kinds of open positions varies semesterly, a rigorous application process is required for all new members.  More information on how to apply will be posted on our website during the first week of classes. 

Section day and time:

Tuesday 8PM (Location TBA)

If you have any questions about the course, what CalTV does, or anything else, please email or visit our website for more info.

Course Contact: info AT


Faculty Sponsor: Maggie Sokolik

Time & Location:

General MeetingYaou Dou
Adam Planas
30TBATu 8p-9p2/02full

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