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Israeli Folk Dancing - Beginner

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Spring 2010
Jewish Studies 98
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Each class we will learn new and classic Israeli Folk Dances in a low pressure environment.  Israeli Dance is a mixture of modern, jazz, salsa, ethnic and other forms of dance.  The dance style is new and constantly changing; the music is contemporary and often is the top of the Israeli charts.  We welcome everyone to stop by and enjoy this class-- no experience necessary!

Students may opt to take the class for 1 or 2 units.  The 1 unit version of the class has no homework or exams (attendance based only).  The 2 unit version includes some readings (very interesting, we promise!), writings (also short), and a field trip (yay!).

How to Enroll:

Classes are Tuesdays 6:30-8.  The first day of class is Jan. 26, 2010.  [EDITED: Previously read first day as Feb. 2, but that was incorrect.]

We meet at the Berkeley Hillel Auditorium, on Bancroft, near Piedmont.

 The CCN will be distributed in class.  The first day of class will be announced on this site and on the course website.

 Please see the course website for even more details:

Course Contact: alpert8 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Miryam B. Sas

Time & Location:

BeginnersAaron Alpert
50Berkeley HillelTu 6:30p-8p1/26started

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