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Glorious Victorious: Cal's Achievements

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Spring 2010
Spanish 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

You already know that you’ve come to the greatest university in the world.  Cal’s world reputation for academic excellence may have even been the reason that you decided to become a Golden Bear, but what Cal has to offer goes far beyond academics.  Since Cal’s charter in 1868, the university has united through its exceptional traditions, rivalries, legends, and historical experiences. With this semester of the Cal Spirit DeCal, we will explore the various aspects of the university’s history that make up the Spirit of California, including its spirit organizations, athletic teams, songs, and traditions. By the end of this course, we hope you gain a higher appreciation and love for the spirit that makes our university. 

This is a two unit course that will last for 15 weeks, with 1.5 hours of lecture each week. Each lecture will cover a different aspect of the history of the University of California, and will feature a speaker with personal experience or expertise in the topic, including faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students. Additionally, students will be expected to complete all required readings, write a brief term paper, take a midterm, and be prepared to ask questions and engage in group discussions while in lecture.



How to Enroll:

The course will show up on telebears as Spanish 98 or Spanish 198. That is because we are sponsored by the Spanish department, so don't let that mislead you. Freshman and Sophomores should use the Spanish 98 CCN. Juniors and Seniors should use the Spanish 198 CCN.

Spanish 98 CCN:86196

Spanish 198 CCN:86289

P.S: The first class will be on Monday, January 25th in Room #103 in the Genetics and Plant Biology Building (GPB).


Course Contact: michaelduffy AT

Faculty Sponsor: Charles Faulhaber

Time & Location:

Glorious VictoriousMichael Duffy
Ryann Pollock
Briana Tischner
30103 Genetics & Plant Biology Bldg.M 5p-6:30p1/25started

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