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The Music Video

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Spring 2010
English 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

In 1981, the launch of Music Television on American broadcasting introduced viewers to a genre of film embodied in commerciality and rich in sheer entertainment – the music video.  By the late-80s, with mega-star artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, music video’s popularity would rise and act as a vital component for all artists to release alongside the release of a single.  While born through the vein of commerciality, the image of the music video, from its antecedents to today, all reveal an imaginative aspect worth noting outside of its commercial context.  Primarily focusing on works from the mid-90s to the early 00s, this course will attempt to decipher meaning from numerous music videos, in an attempt to critically answer the question: What is music video?

How to Enroll:

CCNs will be given out in class, not through e-mail. 

In total there are 40 possible spots for enrollment (20 low-div, 20 upper-div).

Please come to the first meeting of class on January 27th.  Not only is this meeting mandatory but instructions for possible enrollment will be explained.

Course Contact: david_barrera123 AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Hertha D. Sweet Wong

Time & Location:

Section 13David Barrera
40156 DwinelleW 5p-7p1/27full

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