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Berkeley Fiction Review: Small Press Publishing

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Spring 2010
English 98/99
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

 The Berkeley Fiction Review is a nationally distributed publication that receives short fiction from all over the world. The BFR is entirely student run, with class members taking part in reviewing and choosing which of these stories get published. This decal is a great opportunity to learn more about publishing, copyediting, and critiquing short fiction. In addition, students may have the opportunity to participate in other areas: selecting artwork for the magazine, work related to copyediting, fundraising, marketing, layout design, and other general topics of the small press.The Berkeley Fiction Review publishes short stories of various styles in an annual magazine, from the mainstream to the experimental, but we do not publish poetry or non-fiction. 

How to Enroll:

This DeCal has a maximum of 40 students, twenty in lower division and twenty in upper division.

If you're interested in taking the Berkeley Fiction Review, please send an email to Caitlin McGuire, stating your name and graduating year. I will send you a response letting you know what your rank in the enrollment list is. The class is currently full, but you can sign up for the wait list.

Attendance during the first three weeks is mandatory in order to insure you keep your position in the class. I will pass out CCNS on either the second or third week of class.

Course Contact: caitlinmcguire AT


Faculty Sponsor: Georgina Kleege

Time & Location:

Section 1Caitlin McGuire
40210 WheelerM 5:30p-7p1/25full

Uploaded Files:

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