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Greek Folk Dancing

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Spring 2010
Comparative Literature 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Basic, “festival-type” dances from various regions will be taught.  Everyone is expected to actively participate at all times.  The majority of time in this course will be spent dancing, so be prepared to learn about the way Greeks have fun!

Groups of 3-4 people give an 8-10 minute presentation to the class on anything related to any form of dance or pertinent to Greek culture.


Hope to see you there!

How to Enroll:

***We will give out CCNs at the first meeting! Seniors and juniors who have not taken the class get priority, then freshman and sophomores who have not taken the class***

Course Contact: sabidwell AT

Faculty Sponsor: Maria Kotzamanidou

Time & Location:

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Allie Bidwell
Dana-Nicole Samuel
40182 DwinelleW 5p-7p2/10started

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