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Human Rights and Education

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Spring 2010
Legal Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Sudents will develop and propose strategies to fight human rights violations using existing international and domestic legislation in a chosen region or country.  This course differs greatly from other Human Rights courses offered at UC Berkeley because it allows students to create a human rights educational curriculum to help educate people about how to address human rights issues. 


In this course, students will gain a foundational knowledge of international human rights legislation and become experts on human rights issues in a chosen world region or country.  Students will develop a research project that outlines the human rights concerns in their chosen region and outline legislation, propose solutions, and develop an educational curriculum to help people of the region assert their rights. 

This is a common learning experience. While we are facilitating the course, we will explore and discuss the course matter together as a group. This means that everybody is asked to do her/his own research on the weekly topics and participate in the discussion led by the group presenting that week.  The course methods of instruction include lecture, class presentations, discussion, and in class films.

How to Enroll:

Please, email us at for CCNs.

Course Contact: humanrightsdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Johnathan Simon

Time & Location:

Farid Aziz Golshani
Benjamin Omidvari
40210 WheelerTu 7p-9p1/26started

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