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Energy DeCal

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Spring 2010
Energy and Resources 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course will explore the social, environmental and economic consequences of our carbon-based economy.  We depend on energy to fuel our cars and airplanes, grow and transport our food, light our cities, warm our homes, cook our food, and power our machinery, appliances, and electronics. As we continue to deplete our energy sources (and pollute our air and water in the process), the challenge to satisfy our need for energy continues to mount.  How will our generation respond? 

We will use field trips, fun projects, guest speakers, films, and short readings to explore the energy cycle - tracing its origins, distribution, consumption, and waste.  We’ll also calculate our personal contribution to global warming and learn about the many opportunities available to become more energy efficient.

Please find last semester's syllabus attached, the class will be similar in topics. 

How to Enroll:

Enrollment is now open!

Class is on Thursday from 2:00-3:30PM

First day of class is on Thursday, 1/28 in 30 Wheeler

If you do not attend both the first and second week of class, you will be dropped. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

We look forward to a great semester!

Course Contact: energy101class AT

Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Kammen

Time & Location:

Sec 1Kimberly Lam
Morwenna Rowe
36TBATh 3:30p-5p1/27started

Uploaded Files:

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