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East Asian Games (Mahjong)

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Fall 2009
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About the Course:

This De-cal course is an introduction to popular games played in East Asia, with an emphasis on Mahjong. The class is practical. Throughout the course we will spend most of our time playing the games, and developing techniques through the process.

      Mahjong is a widespread game in Asia somewhat analogous to the status of Poker in the states. The game involves skill, strategy, and of course, chance. There are many versions of the game, so we will focus our energy on two standardized versions of the game. We will begin with Taiwanese Mahjong, which requires less memorization. Halfway through the course, we will learn Japanese Mahjong which is a more restricted yet clearly standardized game.

How to Enroll:

Please come to first day of the course which will begin at 5 PM on Sept. 9, 2009 in 340 Evans. Once we have taken down your names and information, we will email individuals the CCN and CEC of the course. 


Course Contact: tiffanytung AT

Time & Location:

Tiffany Tung
340 EvansW 5:00-7:009/09full

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