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Religion and Theory: India, Violence, and Conceptualizing Religion

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Fall 2009
South and Southeast Asian Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The content of this course is tied directly to the title of the course “Religion: India and Theory”.  The course is divided into two parts.  The first part is designed to educate students about the tensions related to religion taking place in the nation state of India.  Each lecture is devoted to a particular dispute or concept which is in some way related to religious violence in India.  The second part of the course focuses on theory and introduces students to different methods of conceptualizing religion as presented in the field of religious studies.  This course does not aim to teach everything there is to know about tensions related to religion in India and religious theory, but rather aims at providing a general introduction to these concepts.  As a result of this course students will have a firm grasp and understanding of the major disputes/tensions taking place in India and a more theoretical perspective about religion.  In addition, students will learn how religion does not function independently in India but is heavily intertwined with politics, language, territorial disputes, and so on.

Further information on the course will be available on the first day of instruction, August 31, 2009.

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How to Enroll:

This course is limited to 30 students.  15 seats are reserved for the lower division section and 15 seats are reserved for the upper division section. 

CCNs will be distributed to students on the first and second day of the class.  The first day of class is August 31, 2009 and the second day of instruction is September 14, 2009.  If you missed the first day of instruction please email the faciliator.  The second day of instruction (September 14, 2009) is the last day to be admitted into the course.

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