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Bolivia's Transformation: A Decolonial Shift

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Fall 2009
Latin American Studies
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About the Course:

The transformation that is unfolding in Bolivia is not a shift from Right (Conservatism) to Left (Socialism) but a “Decolonial” shift. This decolonial shift seeks to undo 500 years of “Modernity/Coloniality”. This Decolonial shift will include the input and the production of knowledge not only from a Western perspective, but also from an Indigenous perspective. For the last 500 years, the production of knowledge has dominated and occluded “other” forms of knowledge. In response, the Aymara people are emerging from the cracks of Modernity/Coloniality in an effort to provide a different alternative from the three main ideologies (conservatism, liberalism, and Marxism). By doing so, the Bolivian government under Evo Morales (first indigenes president) seeks to create a “pluri-national state”. In doing so, they have provided an epistemological approach known as “inter-culturidad” that coalesce two forms of thinking: Western and Indigenes. This, in turn, provides an alternative way of producing knowledge and alternative model from which Bolivia is undertaking. As a class, we will explore all the following terms: Modernity/Coloniality, Decolonial shift, Inter-culturidad as well as their origins. We will explore how this decolonial shift is partly a derivative of the Dependency School of thought; and investigate Wallerstein’s contributions. Also we will look at Bolivian history: pre-colonial, post-colonial, and present. Finally, there will be a strong emphasize on the transformations and changes that are occurring within Bolivia.


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Faculty Sponsor: Adrian Landa Guzman, Jeannette Reynaga, Ramon Quintero

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Adrian Landa Guzman
20 Stephens HallWed. 6-79/16started

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