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Prose and Poetry Workshop

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Fall 2009
English 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This is a weekly workshop for writers of all experience levels, including those who have yet to consider themselves a writer, poets who have never written prose, or prose-writers who have never written poetry.

 We hope that by the time you finish this workshop, you will have a portfolio of work that you feel secure submitting to Creative Writing classes. 

Writing assignments will alternate every week between poetry and prose—each student will be expected to turn in the assigned writing each week, so that those who consider themselves “poets” will be challenged to write “prose” and vice versa. Each week an assignment will be given which is due the next week. The assignments will be designed to provoke experimentation with a method of composition particular to either poetry or prose. Assignments will include writing a sonnet, a prose vignette, a memory poem, travel prose etc.


 These are our course goals:

  1. To expose writers of a particular mode of authorship—poetry or narrative prose—to other creative capacities available in methods of writing with which they are not familiar.
  2. To establish a group of writers who are interested in the cultivation of the campus and local artistic community.
  3. To create a formal space for collectively workshopped writing which is particularly available to dedicated and talented writers who are not able to participate in other English Department creative writing classes.
  4. To teach editing skills, and to enable productive self-criticism thereby.
  5. To make a more accessible space where people with serious interests in writing, but who may not yet consider themselves to be an experienced writer, can develop artistic skills.

How to Enroll:

To enter the class students will submit—via email—a representation of their work between two to five pages and a short statement of their interest in the course. If a student does not have this available, please just send an email explaining this. Students will be accepted not with primary reference to the maturity of their skill but to the level of commitment and demonstrated investment in the course goals. Roughly fifteen students will be accepted. In order to pass, students must actively participate in class activities and complete all writing assignments.

 If a student is unable to submit an email before the first day of class, please show up anyway in case there are still spots available.

Course Contact: nicholasjmueller AT, abramjcoetsee AT, dfehrenbacher AT, s_albgal AT

Faculty Sponsor: C. S. Giscombe

Time & Location:

Dena Fehrenbacher
206 WheelerW 7-8:309/02started

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