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The Biological Perspective

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Fall 2009
MCB 98/198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This course examines various controversial issues facing modern biological sciences. Ethics and morals are put into consideration revolving around specific biological practices. The objective of this course is to invigorate students to gain perspective on these controversies in relation to biology. Each week, two students will debate opposing sides of a given issue, followed by a class discussion and a poll to determine which approach is deemed more valid.

The five branches of biology that we will explore in this course are:

*Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
*Cell and Developmental Biology
*Genetics and Genomes
*Immunology and Pathogenesis

Examples of debate topics include abortion, pre-embryonic research, surrogacy, infertility treatments, euthanasia, gene therapy, organ donations, prescription drugs, medical nanotechnology, genetic engineering, laboratory test animals, and incorporating neurology data into the legal system.

Debate topics will be assigned on the first day of class. Please come with your top three choices.

No prior debate experience is required. 

How to Enroll:

Lower Division (Freshmen & Sophomores) CCN:  57829

Upper Division (Juniors & Seniors) CCN: 59134

Course Contact: biop.decal AT

Faculty Sponsor: David Drubin

Time & Location:

09Dayoung Park
Nhi To
202066 VLSBM 6-78/31started

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