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Ireland: A History of "The Troubles" in Film

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Fall 2009
History 98
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About the Course:

'The Troubles’ refers to the conflict between Irish separatists and the government of Great Britain from the time of the Easter Rising in 1916 up to present day. Many of the issues and players involved in 'The Troubles’ have been greatly oversimplified by the media. The widespread use of violence, first in an Ireland united under the control of Great Britain and later in the North, has been defined with “us versus them” imagery. The prevailing themes common to most accounts revolve around religion (Protestant vs. Catholics), political affiliation (Nationalist vs. Loyalist), and along racial lines (Native Irish vs. Scots-Irish, Anglo-Irish and the English). In these paradigms there are always protagonists and antagonists. Blame is primarily ascribed to one side of the ideological divide or to the other. This course will focus on the way in which the medium of film is used as either a tool to further the stereotypes prevalent in the mythology of 'The Troubles’ or  as an instrument to shed light on the complexity of the issues behind the struggle. It is the aim of this course to show, through viewing films which demonstrate the chronological timeline and various aspects of 'The Troubles’, that the study of these events cannot simply be viewed in black and white terms.

How to Enroll:

The course is limited to 30 students. The first "sign-up" class will be held:


5-7 PM 


Please join us and sign up! All details will be explained on this day. We will also be going over the syllabus and screening our first movie - Michael Collins, directed by Neil Jordan (1996); 133 minutes.

REMEMBER: Seating is limited and missing class during the first three weeks will result in you being dropped from the course.

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Thomas Carey
3879 DwinelleTuesdays 5-79/08started

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