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Latex for Math & Science

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Fall 2009
math 198/98
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Math 98/198: LaTeX for Math/Science is a one-semester DeCal course that covers the basics of LaTeX typesetting, in addition to a couple of advanced techniques. The successful student in this course will have a comprehensive enough understanding of LaTeX to typeset most mathematical and scientific documents, in addition to expository essays. 

How to Enroll:


If you wish to enroll in this class please send an email to with your:

  • first and last name
  • SId number
  • email
  • 198/98 status (more than 60 units means 198 and less than 60 units means 98)
  • See our website for more details.  


Course Contact: latex-enroll AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Ken Ribet

Time & Location:

only sectionb3a EvansMon 4-69/14full54515 (lower)
54716 (upper)

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