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Fall 2009
Social Welfare 97/197
2 Unit(s)



community service /
field work course

About the Course:

The Social Welfare Language Access Program is a service-learning course that informs students about immigrant and social welfare issues, while providing them with the opportunity to volunteer as interpreters for the Alameda County Social Services Agency. As the facilitator, we will be working in conjunction with the Agency to lead lectures and panels on topics relevant to the students’ volunteer work. These sessions are meant to inform students about the community and contexts in which they will be volunteering. We will only be working with the Alameda County Service Agency located in Oakland therefore all 10 intern will be working in their facility.

This is a great class, and it provides such a huge need. There are so many clients of Alameda County's Social Services that only Speak Spanish, and the County is very much in need of translators.  Without people who can translate English to Spanish and back, clients who need help cannot get it. This course will let you help others who really need help.  It also lets you see just what life is like as a social worker. AND you get 2 units!


How to Enroll:

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Course Contact: alvarado_letisia AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Julian Chow

Time & Location:

Section 3Letisia Alvarado
12Haviland Hall, Room 201Mondays from 6pm-7pm9/14full

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