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Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics

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Fall 2009
UGBA 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The purpose of the Leadership and Organizational Dynamics DeCal is to provide students with an interactive approach to understanding leadership. This course gives students the opportunity to learn what leadership is, why leadership is important and how to develop their own leadership skills. 


The Introduction to Leadership DeCal is the longest-running special studies business course at UC Berkeley. Fall 2009 will be the seventeenth semester.  Course material includes group activities, class discussions and presentations.  Students are encouraged to develop their own leadership skills through case studies and interactive, team-building exercises.  The course includes guest speakers, providing students with the opportunity to learn from individuals who have displayed leadership in their professional careers.  Our past guest speakers have included people with military service and entrepreneurial experience, Fortune 500 managers, Ivy-League graduates, and senior administrators of UC Berkeley. 


Effective leadership is a crucial element of any successful organization.  The intense examination of leadership’s importance has invoked many different definitions and opposing theories.  Initially, the prevalent belief was that leaders are born—that they were somehow gifted and inherently charismatic.  However, recent research into leadership reveals there is much more than personality that defines a leader, and concludes that leadership is a skill that can be developed and refined.

How to Enroll:

To enroll in this decal, you must attend the first meeting on Tuesday, September 1 at 4:00pm in Cheit C335 in Haas.

Applications will be available and deadlines will be posted after this class.

If accepted, you will be given the course entry code to add this course via telebears.

Please visit the course website for updates.

Course Contact: ba98_facilitators AT


Faculty Sponsor: Karlene Roberts

Time & Location:

Cheit C335Tu 4:00-6:00pm9/01started

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