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The Chemistry of Cooking

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Fall 2009
Chemistry 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This is a pass/not pass, 2-unit seminar designed to look at cooking from a scientific basis. Each week an edible experiment will be assigned and the chemical, biochemical, biological, microbiological, and physical principles will be examined.


The course will be broken up into three parts: Cooking Methods, Food Group Overview, and Molecular Gastronomy.  

How to Enroll:

This DeCal is currently full. If you filled out the application earlier, please come to the first day of class on Tuesday, September 1st to see if you got in or if you are waitlisted. Thank you for your interest!

Course Contact: kitchenchemdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Francis

Time & Location:

Eunice Lee
B51 HildebrandTu 6-79/01full

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