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The Sound Body Weightlifting DeCal

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Fall 2009
IB 98
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About the Course:

8/27 Update: Girls are encouraged to apply

This is an introductory course on weightlifting.  No prior experience in weightlifting is necessary as all levels are encouraged to apply.  Beginners should expect to gain a strong understanding of the basics of weight-lifting, including proper form, terminology, and muscular anatomy.  Advanced lifters will become familiar with the mechanics of weightlifting, including grip and body position.  By the end of the semester, ALL students will be equipped with the tools necessary to create a personalized workout program to realize your individual aims. 

There are two requisites for the Sound Body DeCal: 1) students possess a passion to learn and 2) students work diligently to make their personal goals come to fruition. 

Interested students should visit our website, download our syllabus and are REQUIRED to attend the first day of class.

Please note: The class will be taught entirely through LECTURES and POWERPOINT presentations. We were unable to reserve the RSF this semester.

How to Enroll:

Prospective students MUST attend the first day of class on Tuesday, September 1st. Those interested will be required to complete an application and write a few short essays.  Essay questions will be given out on the first day, but topics will likely be along the lines of: why do you want to take our class? And what is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? 30 students will be admited and all applications will be evaluated blind.

Please visit our website listed below to learn more about your instructors.

Course Contact: SoundBodyDecal AT


Time & Location:

All LevelsRyan Chan
30258 Dwinelle HallTuesdays 5-69/01started

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