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U.C. and The Bomb: Have you learned to stop worrying?

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Fall 2009
Education 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

    In brief: The University of California (UC Berkeley in particular) has been involved in the research, design, and production of every nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal primarily through the management of two National Laboratories in Livermore and Los Alamos. The “UC and The Bomb” DeCal is a forum for discussing why this relationship has been a contentious issue for decades. 

    From the syllabus: This course will deal with a number of issues pertaining to nuclear weapons with the theme of the University of California’s past and present role in researching, developing, and managing these weapons for the United States as a lens through which to view this information.
    We will begin by exploring the relationship between the UC and two nuclear research facilities, the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories. At this point, we will familiarize ourselves with common arguments for and against the UC’s involvement with these laboratories, which will give us a critical framework to guide us throughout the course. Our attention will be focused on the implications this relationship has for academic freedom, scientific research, and the UC ‘s educational mission. Ultimately, we will take our knowledge of this relation into the larger context of the historical tie between the military, industry, and academia.
    We will then emerge from our concentration on the UC and the laboratories and consider the impact of nuclear weapons technology on human rights, the environment, and international relations. This section of the course will be an introduction to both the legality and ethics of nuclear weapons. We will look at social movements, of yesterday and today, which are relevant to these issues and debate whether a nuclear weapon-free world is feasible. From this point, we will launch into an examination of US nuclear weapons policies, how they affect the UC and how they interact with nuclear weapons politics on a global scale.

How to Enroll:

Send an email to the faciliator stating in one sentence why you are interested , your complete name, and your year (Freshman, etc) – you will be sent the course CNN pending seats available. Nuclear Engineering majors and activists are particularly encouraged to apply! 

Also, I assure that the reader will be affordable. 

Course Contact: liamezzio AT

Faculty Sponsor: John Hurst

Time & Location:

Lia Mezzio
12TBAM 4:00-6:008/31full

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