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Thelema: Aleister Crowley's Psycho-Spiritual Philosophy for a New Aeon

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Fall 2009
German 198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This class will explore Thelema, the psyco-spiritual philosophy espoused by Aleister Crowley in the early 20th century.  We will examine the life and work of Aleister Crowley as well as the central theoretical and implementational tenants of Thelema.  Topics to be discussed include Will, Love, Initiation, Ethics and Morals, and the relationship between Thelema and other religious traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Western Mystery Traditions as well as Thelema's relation to Western Philosophy. Artistic works inspired by Thelema will also be examined through the media of music, art, short films, and documentary. 

How to Enroll:

Show up for the first day of class Wednesday, September 2nd and you will receive the CCN and CEC which will enable you to add the course on Telebears.

Course Contact: travisfargher AT, constandinos_a_karras AT


Faculty Sponsor: Niklaus Largier

Time & Location:

travis fargher
20106 DwinelleW 6-7:30 pm9/02started

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