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The Undergraduate Colloquium

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Fall 2009
Social Welfare 98/198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Ever considered a career in social work? Want to know what it takes and
how to get there? Social Welfare 98/198: The Undergraduate Colloquium is a
1 unit class designed to create a candid and intimate setting where you
can get all of your questions answered. Every week a professional from a
different field of social work will share his/her experiences and describe
what the unique and much-needed role of a social worker is like. This
course is also a good introduction for those interested in the Social
Welfare major

How to Enroll:

Course: Social Welfare 98/198
CCN: SW98 – 80735
SW 198 – 80822
Units: 1 *Telebears will prompt you to enter an amount of units. 
Please ONLY enter 1 unit as this is the unit value of the course.
Workload: 1.5 hrs. of class per week
Weekly discussion questions & short response
Final paper – 2 pages
**First day of class is Tuesday, September 8th.** 

Any questions? Please contact course facilitator Nina Torabzadeh:

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Julia Hastings

Time & Location:

Nina Torabzadeh
Haviland 2Tu 4-5:30PM9/08started80735 (lower)
80822 (upper)

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