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Intro to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

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Fall 2009
Linguistics 98/198 Section 2
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

You don't need any sign language experience to take this class, but if you do have some, you're definitely welcome.  


This course is intended to give you some basic exposure to American Sign Language and it's linguistic features, especially the unique features it has as a purely visual language that distinguishes it from spoken languages such as English. By the end of this course, students should know fingerspelling and numbers, some basic vocabulary, and be able to form basic sentences. We will discuss methods for describing signs, basic sentence structures such as Topic-Comment, WH-Questions, etc., the use of space, noun-verb pairs, use of classifiers, Non-Manual Signals, and poetic forms, as well as a few basic facts about Deaf culture and history in the U.S.A. and the history of ASL. Although the class will be taught from the perspective of an interpreter, we will just focus on the language and Deaf culture rather than the interpreting process, and we will hopefully have some Deaf guest speakers .


The class will have alot of interaction and practice, so come prepared to get to know your classmates and be an active participant. 


How to Enroll:

To get the CCN, send me a short little email (leonelioness AT yahoo com) with:

Your Name

Your Year

Your Major

Why do you want to take this class?

Do you have any past experience with sign languages?

(Optional- mostly for you to think about) What can you contribute to this DECal? 


I want to stress that I'm not looking for a specific profile for this class- other than someone who's not just doing it for the units but really interested and willing to commit to it. I'm hoping we'll have a good mix of years, experience levels, backgrounds, and majors. I will send out CCNs by Tuesday, September 1st.

Course Contact: leonelioness AT

Time & Location:

The One and OnlyJohanna Langill
20TBAThursday 5-79/03full

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