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Fall 2009
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The goal of the course is to provide students the opportunity to increase their breadth and depth of knowledge in the area of local and global water resources management. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the personal skills necessary to assess water issues and to contribute towards water conservation and recycling.

How to Enroll:

First day of class: August 31, 2009

 ***please see attached syllabus***

Course Contact: jenniferwong AT

Faculty Sponsor: Michael Hanemann

Time & Location:

Stephanie Hall
Mariana Ludmer
Jennifer Wong
30283 DwinelleM 6-88/31full— (lower)
01374 (upper)

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: water.pdfSep 2105kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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