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Iran: 30 Years of Revolution

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Fall 2009
Political Science 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Iran 30 Years of Revolution serves as an introductory course on contemporary Iranian politics through examining the history of Iran over the past century and how events like the coup d’état against Dr. Mossadegh in 1953, and the near-decade long Iran-Iraq war have contributed to Iran’s current political atmosphere, both domestically and internationally. This course will also raise questions about issues that have brought Iran into the spotlight such as its nuclear program and the Shia’-Sunni divide. As well as the recent protests in Iran.

Social issues like women’s, religious and gender rights will be addressed through examining Iran’s political structure and domestic policies. This decal also examines Iran’s role as a Great Shia Power in the Middle East and its growing influence in regional politics in regards to things such as the current Iraq war and the para-military political group Hezbollah in Lebanon. No background on Iran or the Middle East is needed. Documentaries, films, guest lecturers, and class discussions to convey and enhance the material will be utilized. The course will meet ONCE  a week for two hours.

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Faculty Sponsor: Professor Ron Hassner

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ClassSammy Al-Shatti
110 BarrowsM 6-88/31full72980 (lower)
71866 (upper)

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