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Conflicts in the Middle East

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Fall 2009
Political Science 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This course provides an introduction to and historical analysis of the major conflicts in the Middle East. Discussed will be the roots of conflicts in the region, as well as their escalation in the past half-century. Students should develop an understanding of the region's history, and utilize it to interpret the contemporary social and political trends there.

Please see syllabus for lesson plan for full list of topics.

How to Enroll:

CCN for lower division (98): 72974

CCN for upper division (198): 71861

Enroll in the section which applies to you. Feel free to email the facilitator at if you have questions, concerns, or enrollment problems.

NOTE: There has been a scheduling change. The first meeting will be on August 31st, at 6pm. If you will be taking this DeCal, and know others who are as well, please inform them of the change. There will be no class on September 7th.

Faculty Sponsor: Steven Fish

Time & Location:

Jiayi Zhou
101 MoffittM 6 - 8pm8/31started

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