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Fall 2009
Mechanical Engineering 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

NOTE: Class is Thursdays, 6-8pm in Berkeley Institute of Design (360 HMMB). The first class will be 3 September, but there is a short online survey due on the first day of class. See the assignments section of our webpage:
Email if you have any questions.
This class will provide its students with a fun and comprehensive look into all facets of human-centered design. Course meets weekly for two hours for discussions, hands-on activities developing fundamental design skills, field trips, and project “crit” sessions. Design process as it relates to product, interaction, service, experience, and other types of design, will be explored.

No previous design experience required. However, it is imperative that students have an open mind, a willingness to get out of their comfort zone, and a sense of humor...

How to Enroll:

To enroll in {design.} simply do the first homework (short survey posted under the assignments section of the website), and show up to the first day of class.

And thusly shall you behold a CCN.

First assignment site:—designersurvey

Course Contact: thedesigndecal AT, jenniferwong AT, L8on AT


Time & Location:

{design.}Ian Leighton
Jennifer Wong
Berkeley Institute of Design, 360 HMMBThursday 6-8pm9/04full
{the one and only.}Ian Leighton
30360 Heart Memorial Mining Bldg.Th 5p-7p1/28started

Uploaded Files:

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