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The Demystification of Alcohol

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Fall 2009
Social Welfare 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Course Description:

This course is a practical, analytical, and critical look at alcohol and its effects in American culture. Together we will explore the role alcohol plays in our society, throughout history, and in our own lives. We will discuss many different topics relating to alcohol and its effects such as alcoholism, DUIs, physiology, liquor laws, social drinking, traditions and more. We will also look at the use of alcohol around the world. In addition to short lectures/ discussions, students will learn through activities, simulated environment exercises, a fieldtrip, research, guest speakers, and many other student-centered methods. 

Course Goal:

The goal of this class is to promote safer drinking practices and better decision-making (with regards to alcohol) among peers by demystifying the use of alcohol in American culture. In other words, we want to take the mystery out of drinking so that students can approach alcohol with a more rational mind. Students will also learn more about alcohol by looking at it from both sides of the bar, as if they were the bartender! Learning more about bartending (i.e. drink recipes) will help students to become more knowledgeable about what really goes into the drinks they order.  

Course Objectives:

1.     To analyze how alcohol is represented in American culture: including through the media, music, religion, peers, family, and so on.

2.     To explore alcohol throughout history and across different cultures to see how differently it is perceived around the world.

3.     To become more familiar with the bar scene, including drink recipes in order to take away the mystery and pressure involved with being unfamiliar with alcohol.

4.     To become familiar with different types of alcohol and the varying alcohol contents so that students may keep track of their BAC while drinking.

5.     To take a plain look at alcohol for what it really is: where it comes from, how it’s made, what it does, and why people drink it.

6.     To become better informed of and prepared for situations involving alcohol so that wise decisions may be made in case of an emergency.

7.     To promote harm reduction/ safer, smarter drinking practices for students in college that they may carry with them throughout life.

How to Enroll:

You must show up on the first day of instruction in order to be issued a CCN.


**Due to the nature of the content of this course, students must be 21 years of age or older in order to enroll. A valid state-issued I.D. will be checked to ensure eligibility before CCNs will be handed out on the first day of instruction. No real alcohol will be used or consumed in this class. Also, there will be zero tolerance for any student who brings, uses, or consumes alcohol during class time, including during the field trip we will take to a local bar. This class does not encourage drinking alcohol¾ it encourages making smarter, safer decisions where ever alcohol is involved.**

Course Contact: cristiej AT


Faculty Sponsor: Amanda Reiman

Time & Location:

Section 2Cristie Johnsen
5 HavilandWed 4-6pm8/26full

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