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Bookworlds: The Ways of Magic

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Fall 2009
Rhetoric 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

What is magic and how exactly does it work? What could have inspired the creation of these systems? In this course, we will be looking at various magic systems in the world of fiction from power of language to necromancy, and the interplay of magic, life and death.

How to Enroll:

Course control numbers will be given out on the first day of class.

We would also appreciate it if you could please send us an e-mail letting us know you are interested. 


To clarify confusion, class starts on SEPTEMBER 9, 2009. 

Course Contact: waysofmagic AT

Faculty Sponsor: Ramona Naddaff

Time & Location:

Alice Chen
Vicky Chen
30283 DwinelleW 5-7:009/09full

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