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Booksworlds: Ender's Shadow on Earth

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Fall 2009
Astro 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card is widely known and read, but not as many know of his parallel series, the Ender's Shadow series.  The children from Battle School all come back to Earth with their competitive and aggressive personalities, and the unity that Earth once felt against the Buggers falls apart.  Like in our own world of clashing cultures, Card delves into the psyche of why they do, as well as the psyches behind our politics, morals, and beliefs.  The books read like political thrillers sometimes, romance novels at others, and sometimes theological and moral musings.  Card is an avid lover of leaders, like Alexander and Napoleon, and his post-Formic nations are swept up by his child leaders into four books filled with the drama of the human condition.

How to Enroll:

If you want to still enroll, there are a few spots, but please be prepared to read all of Ender's Shadow and turn in 3 discussion papers.  You will also have to make up the 3 absences.  Please email the class for more information.

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Cortney Borba
Dana Gerber
24 WheelerMonday 6-88/31started

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