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The Lyrics and Music of Bob Dylan: Putting the Songs in Their Literary, Political, Social, and Cultural Contexts

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Fall 2009
English 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This course will examine the ways in which Dylan reinvented popular music, from his early “finger-pointing” days to the success of his most recent albums Modern Times and Together Through Life. By examining the responses to and the various interpretations of Dylan’s music, this class will study Dylan’s large body of literary work through its impact on both music and culture, as well as its influence in politics and social movements. We will follow almost five decades of songwriting, encompassing over 40 albums and more than 500 songs, while focusing on Dylan’s inscrutable personas, varying relationships with the press, and, most importantly, the contexts of his complex and obscure lyrics. This will be done primarily through reading interviews and commentaries, watching several documentaries, and listening to the music itself.

The class will also feature a guest speaker, Ben Fong-Torres, writer for and senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine from 1967-1981, who interviewed Dylan in 1974 during Dylan’s North American tour with The Band. 

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Please show up for the first day of class (September 9th) to receive the CCN.

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Section 1Lee Ann Norman
Natasha Phillips
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