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Come Out and Play: Designing and Playing Games Outside

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Fall 2009
Theater 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

You've been playing games since kindergarten (tag, capture the flag, hide and seek) and chances are good that you're still playing games as a college student (beer pong, poker, Final Fantasy, flip cup, "walk in a straight line on Saturday night")

We'll explore the newly emerging field of "game design" by designing and playing our own original games around the UC campus and investigate our relationship to the campus architecture itself - is a game of tag on Sproul Plaza different from a game of tag on Memorial Glade? (Hint: YES.)

Were you a student in Spring 2009?

  • Did you ever see people running around like fools, conga-lining across Sproul, growling? That was us.

  • Did students rampage through your discussion section on the 2nd floor of Dwinelle Hall to throw things off the balcony and distract the opposing team? That was us.

  • Did you see people riding on sleds pulled by teams of toddlers in front of Tolman Hall?... Uhh that wasn't us. And quite frankly, that sounds a bit silly and cruel.

How to Enroll:

[1] Fill out this form WHEN IT GETS ACTIVATED the week before the beginning of the semester:

[2] Attend the first class meeting (see Section Info below for the date)

  • I'll randomize all the names of people who signed up via the web form. The first 20 will get into the class, and then I'll draw up a wait list. I'll process the wait list for a few weeks - keep showing up during that time because there's a good chance you'll get into the class.

  • How to get to 413 Zellerbach - WATCH THIS VIDEO: ... No, seriously, watch it. You're going to need the help.
Feel free to e-mail me with questions... unless they're questions that could've easily been answered by reading this page or looking at the syllabus - in that case, please don't e-mail me or I'll get angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry.

Course Contact: campaignjunkie AT


Faculty Sponsor: Abigail De Kosnik

Time & Location:

The One and OnlyRobert Yang
20413 Zellerbach AKA "The Rumpus Room"TuTh 2-39/03full

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