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Art DeCal: Introduction to Creative Thought

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Fall 2009
Practice of Art 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This art-based decal is designed for those students who do not normally have the opportunity to draw, paint, or collage during their time at Berkeley. We will be guiding students by instilling some of the formal facets of creative thought, giving visual examples of well known artists, learning from visiting professors, and translating their ideas and skills into art work! Material costs will be kept low by finding your supplies instead of paying for them. We have also gathered materials that the whole class can use. Students will keep a journal to help them corral their ideas by drawing or collecting pieces of art from their surroundings (magazines, fliers, etc.) This is a class for those who would like to explore their creative side, work together, and share ideas about their artistic process.

How to Enroll:

Students must show up on the first meeting (09/02/09) to turn in their enrollment applications. The application can be found in the download section. If you have trouble downloading it, please try again later or ask us for the form on the first meeting. Admission to the course will be mostly based on your interest in art, as it should be reflected in your application.

Please do not apply if you have taken the course before or if you are an art major. We encourage whose who did not get into the course previously to re-apply this semester. However, we cannot guarantee your admission into the course.

Students who are admitted will receive an e-mail by September 7th; students who are not admitted will not receive any e-mail from us. Course control numbers will be given out on September 9th during class.

Course Contact: artdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: John McNamara

Time & Location:

BeginnerSapphira Wang
25Kroeber 365W 5-79/02full

Uploaded Files:

Application: Art Decal Enrollment Application.docAug 1921kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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