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MADskillz: intro to making and doing

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Fall 2009
ESPM 198-6
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Modernization is leaving our skills in the dust.  With rapid advances in technology, time is saved but the satisfaction of producing works with your own hands is lost.   Not only are these skills lost, but the environment and community suffer as well.  In this class, we'll discuss both sides of the story, and offer tangible alternatives to buying everything in stores.  Each week, we'll hold roundtable style discussions and then hit the lab to make jam, start a garden, learn to sew, brew kombucha and much more.  At the end of the semester, we'll be compiling our very own DIY zine chock full of fresh ideas.  

How to Enroll:

Anyone is welcome to join, but enrollment will be limited by the room size.

No previous skills required, but your cooperation will be needed to make this decal work.  Class participation will mean enthusiasm in the classroom and a little "alternative homework" outside the classroom.  This might include gathering supplies, trying out a recipe or designing a zine page.  If that sounds right up your alley, show up Tuesday, SEPT 8th at 7pm in 106 Dwinelle.  

Course Contact: Kristinnatalie AT

Time & Location:

Kristin Hundley
106 DwinelleTuesdays 7-9full

Uploaded Files:

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