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Chemistry of Comics

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Fall 2007
Chemistry 98
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Chemistry exists all around us – especially in the movies! Since we can remember, pop culture has incorporated chemistry into its folklore. Using this science to contextualize it, comic books, movies, and even television shows have become intricately bonded to chemistry. Recently, many forms of entertainment have demonstrated chemistry such as the lessons on synthesizing soap from the movie “Fight Club”, explaining the creation of super beings in “Spiderman”, and even making sense of how the X-Men use their powers to save the world. But is the use of chemistry always correct in these applications? What can we learn from these presentations of science? How does chemistry help rationalize the world within entertainment and our own? These questions and many more will be answered as we explore Chemistry in the Comics.

How to Enroll:

Show up on Wednesday, August 29 at 6pm in 56 Hildebrand to learn more about the course. We will take down names of people interested in registering and will e-mail out the course control number to all admitted students that evening. Please note, we are limited to 30 students, so be sure to attend on Wednesday. Regular class sessions begin on Wednesday September 12 as described on the updated syllabus.

Course Contact: chemofcomics AT

Faculty Sponsor: Richmond Sarpong

Time & Location:

Section 1Umang Dave
Justin Louie
Raja Narayan
3056 HildebrandW 6-7P9/12started

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