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Fall 2014

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About the Course:


In this course, we will be exploring many films by the famous Hayao Miyazaki such as Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky. The class will get the chance to rewatch nostalgic films through an analytical lens and to discuss possible symbols, filming techniques and themes. Several themes that will be touched on are nature preservation, feminism and pacifism.


The course will be twice a week, one hour on Monday and two hours on the Thursday. The first day will be to debrief and introduce films that will be watched on the second day of the week. The schedule displays 2 hours on Monday, however we will end at 6PM or a little after 6PM on Mondays.


Homework will be assigned weekly. This course is unique in its assignments because students will be allowed to complete their assignments through different mediums. For example, one assignment you must complete is to create a short piece of magical realism. This can be completed by writing a paper, drawing an art piece, composing a song, etc. We want to give students this freedom in order for them to express their ideas as they see appropriate. We believe students are responsible enough for this privilege. 

Final Project

At the end of the semester, there will be a group assignment in which each group is assigned a specific film by Miyazaki to explore in further depth. They will have to present this film to the class as a group for a minimum amount of time. More information will be available as the course progresses.

DSP Students

If you have been issued a letter of accommodation from the Disabled Students Program (DSP), please e-mail as soon as possible so we can provide necessary adjustments.

Attendance and participation are mandatory. Contact for more information or questions.

How to Enroll:

A quiz will be given on the first day of class to ensure people are serious about taking the decal. You do not have to have seen any Miyazaki films prior to the class. If you cannot make the first day of class, please contact

The first day of class is on September 8th at 5PM in room 2070 VLSB.

Course Contact: calmiyazakidecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Dennis Baldocchi

Time & Location:

Section 1302070 VLSBMTh 5p-7p9/08full

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