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UNICEF: Awareness of Children in the Developing World

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Fall 2009
PH 98/198
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About the Course:

This course will introduce students to various public health issues,
mainly by examining poverty that children in developing countries face, through the perspective of one of the world’s foremost humanitarian organizations: the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The course is divided into four parts:

1. Placement of UNICEF in the United Nations and in the world

2. Nutrition, gender equality, education, child protection

3. Public Health and medical issues facing the impoverished children of the world

4. Cultural issues in developing countries that affect health

How to Enroll:

Class begins on Wednesday, September 2nd and will be held every Wednesday from 6-7pm in 210 Wheeler.

CCN's will be given out on the first day of class. You must attend the
first day to enroll. No exceptions.

Course Contact: decalunicef AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Barbara Abrams

Time & Location:

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david guzman
Sahar Niazi
210 WheelerW 6-7p9/02started

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